Who We Are

People Saved By God's Amazing Grace

Hollis & Elaine McGehee

Hollis and Elaine McGehee operate the Christian Ministry “Aiming For Jesus.” Under the parent ministry Follow Him. (Aiming For Jesus is a recent book from the ministry and we adopted the name as an operational name for what we do because we want to always be aiming for Jesus).


We desire to see God honored as men and women and boys and girls are born again in Jesus Christ. To help other Christians grow in Christlikeness (God’s goal for each of our lives).


We serve daily in multiple ways around the world – New Orleans, homeless and Bible teaching, online electronic ministry through podcasts, YouTube videos, social media and other teachings. We also serve in Kenya Africa establishing and encouraging new local churches and providing fresh water. In India helping to facilitate ministry on multiple fronts – sharing the Gospel and training up righteous leaders and assisting them to stay on course in serving the local church. Additional ministry work in Pakistan and India.


Publishing Christian books that are Christ centered with a goal of helping others to grow in Christ.


Hollis and Elaine are married and live in Covington, Louisiana.


Their desire is to love and serve God with all of their heart, mind and soul and to love their neighbors as themselves – especially those neighbors who are most challenging.



Follow Him In Thought and Word

Follow Him in All Things

Judicial Beatitudes

River to Cross (Story of Life)

When You Pray

When You Meditate

When You Give

Where Do We Go From Here?

Aiming For Jesus


Hollis and Elaine are both 68 years old and have six children and 7 grandchildren. They are members of Mandeville Bible Church.