There was once a very modest family who set out for a trip across the great Atlantic Ocean to America. They scraped all the money they could and bought the least passage available in the depths of the ship. All 8 family members stayed in the room for the first part of the trip. They ate very meager rations they had snuck onto the ship with. On the next to last day of the trip the youngest son, only 9 years old, ventured out and was gone a long time. When he returned the father quickly questioned him about where he had been. The young boy said well I went up to see if they had ice cream and they did, they had more than I could eat. The father, knowing his son had no money, said you better not have stolen it. The son said “No, Papa, I ate all I could eat and then they treated me to a steak dinner with all sorts of fine bread and cool drinking water. It was fabulous. “How did you get such a meal?” The son said, “The waiter told me that it came with the ticket and I could eat as much as I wanted. Me and my whole family.” He also said, “It is a shame you and your family have stayed in your cabin and missed all the great things that were here for you all the time!”God’s immeasurable grace is ours. Not just grace to save us but grace to enable us to live a life after the life of Christ. Grace to stand in the midst of the storms that always come. Grace that is greater than all of our sin. Grace, grace, God’s grace to pardon and cleanse within. Are you taking all  that is available to you? Will you be sad at the end of life that you ‘stayed in your cabin’ when you could have been enjoying God’s unlimited grace day upon day all of your born again life?

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