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Evening Prayer

I am praying for this evening to be quietly blessed in you O Lord. May my thoughts slow down and rest at your feet as I know you are with me. The anxiousness of this day is past and gone and now I am alone with my Lord and I pray this evening I will be attentively listening to you and learning from you in every way.

Lord, as I look back over my day it is with great peace that I see you brought me through to this very moment and you kept me from much harm. That I never even knew was there but you were there and so I am here. Thank you Lord for every protection, every direction, every nudge. Lord help me to see and learn from this day that is now closing fast.

Forgive me of my sin and cleanse me of all unrighteousness as I look over this day I ask you to forgive me for anyone I hurt in any way and I pray you would abundantly bless them and open the door for me to minister love and peace and healing to them to undo harm brought there way.

Lord, as I prepare to lay down my head I say that I am laying down with Jesus
and I will sleep in Jesus and wake in Jesus and so I know I am  well in my soul and I rejoice at what you will do tomorrow whether I be here or with you. 
Forever I am good with you Lord Jesus now and forever.


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