Evening Prayer

Father, at the close of another day of life you have blessed us with we fall down before you and say thank you Lord, thank you for bringing us into this day and through it – what a gift this has been – how gracious are you O Lord our God – help us to live our lives with a renewed awareness of your presence and your provision and may your peace that passes all understanding continue to be upon us and rest in us as we seek to honor you and love you above all else and to just go gently into this night trusting ourselves without fear or trepidation into your wonderful caring and providing and upholding hands and may you deliver us fresh into the new day tomorrow or may we be at home with you which is better by far – thank you Lord, forgive us for our sin, cleanse us of all unrighteousness, grant that we may rest and meditate on the lovely name of Jesus this night and know that you are with us and take our comfort and our rest in you, O Lord. Amen.

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