Evening Prayers

Father, for the day that is now closing around me, I give you thanks and for who you are I give you praise and may my heart continue to rejoice in you through the hours of this long night. Help me to know that it is you who brought me through the day and with confidence I lay my head down on the Lord Jesus Christ and I do not need to worry about anything. Help me tonight to ever and always know that you are God, to trust that you always do what you say and as I rest in you there is no reason to fear life or death or anything this world may bring against me. My hope and joy and strength is in Jesus Christ and in him I trust and rest this night. Forgive me of my sin, cleanse me of all unrighteousness. I pray Lord for others to be touched and blessed and healed and saved and growing in the Lord Jesus Christ – your kingdom come, and your will be done in their lives and in mine also. All praise and honor and glory be to you tonight and forever. Amen. 

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