Evening Prayers

You are God of the morning and you  Are God of the evening and in both You are my Keeper and my Sustain er Lord you brought me through this day And now Lord I need you as I go through The night Help me Lord to lay down with Jesus and to Rise again tomorrow, if it be your will, in The Lord Jesus Christ I confess my sins of today and ask you to cleanse  Me of all sin and restore a right spirit within me Father, as I prepare to lay this day down forever  May I reflect back across the day and see the times When I was living with an eternal perspective and When I was lost in the moment in this world I think of the many who are sick, who are alone, who Don’t know you as their Savior, who are destitute, Who are hurting in many ways, I remember them this Evening and pray for you to touch them in all of their Needs and the greatest need we all have – the need of Jesus as our Savior. Amen

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