Getting Over Ourselves

Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep.” (Romans 12:15, ESV)  Let us focus our attention on serving. May service to the Lord our God b our highest goal. In serving God, there is no higher place than being a helper and encourager to those God brings across our paths.  Let us look not only to our own interests, but let us be especially attentive to the needs of others. When our neighbor, whom God has commanded we love as ourselves, is rejoicing we should and must rejoice with them. We are one in Christ. Let us always find true joy of others to be our call to rejoice with them in truth. Likewise, their sorrow becomes our sorrow. In the same way that our hand comforts our shin that is bruised, may our lives comfort the hearts of our neighbors as they weep over the hurts they experience.  In other words, let us follow in the footsteps of Jesus. Amen.

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