Is My Life Marked By These Christian Traits?

Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.” (Romans 12:12, ESV) The Lord our God is blessing us through the Apostle Paul by giving us this great command – Rejoice in hope Be patient in tribulation Be constant in prayer Every life lived shares the reality of struggles in life. There is no one who does not share in these daily challenges. The only way to stay fresh in Christ and meet these series of hills we encounter day after day – in our interaction with other people, in our having to deal with our own faults and failures, in physical and emotional tests, just living – we stay fresh by looking ever and always to Jesus Christ. We cannot let our look turn to glazed eyes, we must refresh our look by continuing to look – time after time – to Christ knowing that he is, in himself, the freshness and the peace and the strength, and the joy, and the purpose we need to navigate the days and the nights while continuing  to Hope Be patient Pray Amen.

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