Elaine and I are partnered with City Life Nola (Dr. Jacob Crawford and friends) to show love to people living outside in New Orleans. We go twice a week to visit the homeless population in the French Quarter, in the East, in the Garden District, and in the Central Business District.

On Friday mornings we meet with homeless groups and we provide haircuts, hot coffee, snacks and prayer. We have a Bible Study and sing hymns together. We make it our purpose to let people know that God loves them and we do also.

We also participate in “Shower Friday” at Vieux Carre Baptist Church (Pastor Alex Brian) 711 Dauphine Street in the French Quarter in New Orleans. There we primarily cut hair, listen to people’s life stories, and pray. Vieux Carre Baptist Church is a stand alone church with a long history in the French Quarter. Every Friday they provide hot showers, hot food, fresh clothes, and meaningful personal interaction rooted in love for others. We are blessed to be able to go there and help as we can. We thank God for Pastor Alex, Phil, Adam, Mama Rose, Joseph and others who help there.

My brother Dr. Jacob Crawford is the main moving force in seeing these groups coalesce as they have. He is head of City Life Nola ministry and Final Command out of Nashville. He is a great ministry partner and a special brother in the Lord.


Our main need here is the ongoing need for people to bring us clothes, shoes, caps, sleeping bags, tents, non-perishable food items ready to eat, sanitary wipes, personal hygiene items, Socks, and gift cards for people to use to eat at various local readily available food venues (Subway, McDonald’s, Burger King, Cane’s…).

We also need people to commit to come down and hang out with us and help love on people and feed them and meet the needs for personal contact and love and most of all the Good News of Jesus Christ. You or your group may also want to just sponsor a meal on Saturdays monthly, quarterly, or some other way.

We thank God for the opportunity to serve and we always welcome brothers and sisters in Christ to come alongside. God bless you.