Our work in India is through two local brothers in two different regions of India. In both areas our ultimate goal is to assist these precious brothers (whom I don’t name for their own safety) in sharing the truth of the Gospel and the love of God to people just like us who need truth and love.

We are helping to provide both English and Native language Bibles. We are also assisting with the restoration of a local church.

We just begin working with a dear brother in the Lord who lives in one of the oldest cities on earth. The ministry there is to those who are truly truly the ‘least of these.’ We are seeking to meet basic needs, and just coming alongside our brother and trusting God to guide and provide as the needs arise.


We are pursuing a feeding program to feed the very most destitute of people in the area including people of all ages and conditions who have been tossed aside by the world. We want to feed, clothe, encourage, and love on them. If this is something you would like to help with, please let us know and we will be happy to share with you various ways you can plug in and make a difference.