Morning Prayer

Lord into your presence I come  I bow my head and heart and acknowledge your holiness and cry out – Holy, Holy, Holy Lord you alone are God Lord you alone are worthy  Lord be praised in this day Lord be praised in my heart Give us this day our daily bread Forgive me / us our sins against you Cleanse us of all unrighteousness Create in us a clean heart  Lord we also forgive any and all who have done anything to us we forgive and we pray your blessing on them Lord we offer ourselves as living sacrifices Lord we thank you that you are transforming us into the people you want us to be – we are becoming like Him – moment by moment  Lord we pray for others – we pray especially for those who are – tired and worn from life comfort and strengthen and give them peace who are battling sickness touch them with healing – you are healing Whose loved ones are in a storm Help them to be strong as they stand with them  Whose lives are wrecked and broken from addiction- help them to see you O Lord are the way out, the truth of what / who is real, and life is found in no one else  Whose money ends before the month ends – may they know you are their source- you are The Source Lord help us to continually give you thanks Lord help us to continually pray in faith Lord help us to rejoice in you in all things Bless the Lord o our souls let all that is within us ever give You praise We offer our prayers in the  Mighty Wonderful  Matchless  Beautiful  Blessed  Precious  Name above all names  JESUS! Amen Amen Amen

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