Morning Prayer 

Good morning, Lord – just knowing you are listening for my prayers is such a great blessing – you who created all things have told me to pray and promised me to hear and answer every prayer made according to your will. Lord, hear my prayer for love to abound in all people in all places and especially for their love for you and for their neighbors be bountiful and true. Lord hear my prayer for people near and far who are battling medical issues in their bodies – Lord help them and heal them and love and comfort them. Lord hear my prayer for the lost people – may many come to a saving faith in Christ this day. Lord hear my prayer for the Body of Christ to be one, to be one in Christ and one among themselves and the world will, by our unity, know that Jesus is everything. Lord hear my prayer for the hurting in their hearts and minds – meet them at their point of deepest need in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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