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Morning Prayer

O Lord our Lord – how majestic is your name

how holy is your name – how beautiful is your

name O Lord – we join with the heavens and

the earth in declaring your glory and honor.

Lord our prayer is simple and our needs are

fully expressed in this plea:

Lord help us to

confess and repent daily

forgive others as you have forgiven us

love you above all others / all else

love our neighbors as ourselves

die to ourselves and live all in for you

offer ourselves as a living sacrifice

not be conformed to this world

be transformed by the renewing of our minds

to aim our lives toward you every day

make Christlikeness our goal daily

make you our top priority in all things

give thanks in all circumstances

rejoice always

pray without ceasing

have genuine love for others

live humble simple lives

live ALL IN for Jesus, today and forever

Lord help us!


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