Morning Prayers

Lord we need you every hour, we need you every day – Lord thank you for being with us all the time and you have assured us you will never leave us nor ever forsake us. For your grace and mercy to us we give you thanks. Lord help me / us to live today all in for Jesus – setting our aim, our goal, our purpose of following Jesus in all things – in our thoughts, our words, and our actions. May our singular goal be Christlikeness.  We need to abide in you today – to rest in Christ and to know he is our all in all and that you have promised us that if we abide in Christ (to trust and rest and obey and love) and he in us (by the new birth) we will be fruitful / productive Christians but to warn us that apart from Christ we can do nothing. Lord help me / us to abide in Christ. Amen

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