Morning Prayers

Heavenly Father, on this morning when so much of our world is in a state of great trauma and upheaval, we are reminded that the tragic events of the world around us do not change you – you never change and your peace and your joy that is ours in Christ Jesus is just as strong when the world is at war as when it is not. We thank you Father for the sure hope we have in you through Jesus Christ.

Now Lord, we lift up before your throne of grace and mercy all those who are in the Ukraine, those fleeing the Ukraine, the soldiers Ukrainian and Russian – Lord have mercy – keep them safe and guard them with a hedge of safety and protection and not just the soldiers but all who are being impacted there by this war the Russians have started without provocation. Lord, turn the hearts of the Russian leaders and people against this course of violence and destruction and back to peace and loving people. Lord we pray that you would confuse the Russian attackers and they would turn away from attacking the Ukrainians and attack one another or just turn back from the attack and head home. Lord give wisdom to those trying to help to know how and when to provide help that really helps. Praying in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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