Morning Prayers

Good morning Lord we awake this morning to greet you and to greet this new day that you have created and given to us in trust a day, a morning, an hour, a moment that is given to me / to us to use and enjoy for your glory  and for your honor and I honor you best when I love you and trust you and in my heart and mind obey you in thought and word and  deed – Lord help me / us to live that way today In this new day may all that I am and all that I have be surrendered over to you, Lord I / we want to be all in, to be used for you – your kingdom come, your will be done in our lives and in our circumstances just as in heaven Lord this world is trying hard to mold me / us into its shape but we just look up and say Lord, transform us into the likeness of Jesus and may we think on the  things of you rather than the things of this world to think the thoughts of and have the mind of Christ Jesus Lord help me to live in love being patient, kind, not  boasting, not being jealous,  not seeking my own but  seeking the good things you  have for others, hoping,  trusting, resting in you,resting in truth – Lord may I love you with all my heart soul, mind and strength and may I / we love our neighbor as ourselves – may our love have feet and hands in  this world in which you  have placed us Lord I fervently pray for those in difficult circumstances – I pray / we pray in faith – in total trust in you Lord – knowing you are not only ready, willing and able but you will hear and  answer we pray for those who are  sick caring for the sick hurt caring for the hurt  wounded in spirit troubled in family grieving over losses coming up short in finances  addicted spiritually oppressed under  attack in any way  Lord, may we know that you  are bigger than whatever the problem is You love us / them with an everlasting love You have a plan and a purpose for our lives and even for the struggle going on – you are working in our circumstances  to bring about results we cannot  yet imagine but in faith know  that because we love you and are called according to your purpose – you are working these things out for our good – help us to remember the times in  the past when the night seemed so dark and yet day came – help us to remember the times when we were lost on the path or even in the deep woods and you appeared and led us back to a known way – help us to  remember how when our hearts seemed so heavy and we began to offer up praises to you and how you inhabited our praises and our spirits were lifted high in Christ Jesus help us to be still and know you are God and you have this moment, you have our lives, you have us and in you there is peace beyond our understanding – help us to take our eyes off of what is seen and place them on what is not seen and know that you are the answer, you are the way, the truth and  the life and in you all things are yes and amen. Praise the Lord o my soul and all that is within me / us praise your holy and precious name you are the name above all names and we lift up our hearts and our voices to you O Lord and declare your holy praise in  Jesus’ precious name. Amen.

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