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Heavenly Father, as I begin this day, I first rejoice in you. I rejoice in you because you are God, uncreated Creator of all things. I rejoice in you because you are holy and deserve all my joy and honor and glory. I rejoice in you because you are the Giver of life and every other good gift. I bow before you and give you praise.

Father, please take my hand and lead me on through this day and help me to stand. Guide my steps and keep my life focused on you. Help me Lord to love you above all else and to love my neighbors as myself. Forgive me of my sin and I also forgive others for anything they have done against me.

Lord, there are so many needs and those needs are so overwhelming to me, but I know they are not even remotely overwhelming to you for you O Lord has ordained that we should ask, seek, knock and pray to you and  you will hear our prayer and answer every prayer we ask according to your will through the name and the person of Jesus Christ. So heavenly Father, I come and ask you Lord to:

Draw the unsaved to your Son Jesus and may they be born again in Christ Jesus.

Grow up the Body of Christ, all Christians alive today – that we may be one with each other and one with you; that we become less and Jesus become more. We would stand solid on the Word.

Help the sick and down and out with healing and provision according to their needs and may each of us open wide our hands until the needs are fully met.

Lord, we pray for persecuted Christians, may they know your presence and your promise never to leave them nor forsake them. May your peace and joy abound in their hearts and may their hearts be lifted up to you in faith. Give them boldness to witness the Good News to others and know our prayers on their behalf.

For unborn children, Lord help them to not be killed but to be born and live the life you gave them to live. May no one take their life from them. May those who are clamoring for more and more abortions come to an awakening and may they see that children are not things to ‘do away’ with or to just discard but they are treasured in your sight just as those who seek to abort them are to you.

Lord, in all these things may we ever and always give you thanks and praise and glory – give ourselves to you we pray.

In the mighty and the beautiful and the powerful name above all names, the name of Jesus Christ. Amen

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