Prayer For Salvation For Lost

In the name of Jesus I come and make this my prayer and plea for the birth of new life in Christ Jesus for those who are still dead in their trespasses and sins, as we all once were before the grace of God became effectual in our lives by faith alone in Christ alone- May the Holy Spirit convict them of sin, judgment, death and the grave and open their eyes to the true reason for and purpose of their lives – to be rightly related to and reconciled to God by being born again in Christ Jesus who died that they might have life May they have the joy and the peace that passes all understanding of knowing Christ Jesus as their Savior and being washed and cleansed and being made into a new creation and to know all that Jesus has done for them and is doing for them and that he, being God, came as a person and suffered and died and was buried and then on the third day rose from the grave – conquering sin, death and the grave and that by faith in Christ alone they can be with you O Lord forever Lord send persons of influence across their path today – ones who will be effectual in witnessing to them of the great redemption that is in Christ – use whatever means are necessary to bring them to repentance for it is better that they be born again than anything else in their lives to date and may they have a sense of the urgency of their new birth as life tomorrow is promised to no one apart from being born again in the Lord Jesus Christ Lord, may the harvest be plentiful today for the glory of you O Lord and for the blessing of the new births and the joy in heaven and in the Body of Christ over those who are born again into the Kingdom of God by grace alone through faith alone in the Lord Jesus Christ alone. Amen

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