Following Jesus is doing good to those who seek to harm you.

Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse them.” (Romans 12:14, ESV)  It is easy to follow Jesus when you are at church surrounded by Christians (well, maybe not so easy). It is when you are out in the world (and in your local church) when others attack you and accuse you of all manner of wrong, how do you respond? The easy way to respond is to respond from our flesh: give them back what they gave you but do it better. That is not the way of Christ. God is making us over into the image of his Son, Jesus Christ and this occurs one moment as a time as we live our daily lives. Nowhere is this more challenging than in the setting of how to respond to those who are cursing you.  Answer curses with blessings. Answer more curses with more blessings. Answer every curse with a blessing. This is the way of the Lord – bless those who curse you – bless and do not curse them. 

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