Morning Prayers

Father, at the beginning of this new day I declare my love for you and my trust in you and my desire to die to myself and to live for you as I follow Jesus Christ today – by your grace. I also declare Lord that I have been guilty of the sin of prayerlessness in general and specifically for those brothers and sisters scattered around the world who are being persecuted for the faith they have in Jesus Christ as Savior. Lord have mercy upon them. Father, I know you have promised them a reward for those persecuted for the sake of Christ’s righteousness, but I also know that as a part of the Body of Christ I must pray for the rest of the Body. Today, Lord, I do lift up these prayers for persecuted Christians wherever they may be. My prayer is that they know your presence, that they know the Body is praying for them. May they know and feel your love and our love for each of them. Give them boldness to declare the name of Jesus and the good news of the Gospel to the very ones who are doing them harm. Grant these prayers according to your perfect will O Lord our God now and forever in Christ Jesus. Amen

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